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  • 26 Feb 2017

Children were Amazing.

It is so wonderful to have schools from in and around Sivaksai. Thanks to all the heads and teachers of the schools.

There were 15 schools at Moksha 2017. More than a competition...it was a forum where children got to know each other from different schools.... New friends and New experience... Long way to Gooo!

Thanks to our Correspondent Mr. Ashokan Ganesan, a visionary, for his valuable guidance in the day-to-day growth of the school. His interest and involvement is inspiration a kind.

Thanks to Our Director Mrs. Priyanka Ganesh for her esteemed, positive presence. You have been a source of encouragement for the school, teachers and students, mam.

Thanks to Judges.

Thanks to our Chief Guest Mrs. Sadhana Dharmaraj for the wonderful speech and the presence.

Thanks to all the teachers, making so much effort in spite of yet another important commitment. It surely demanded a great sacrifice. Special thanks to our Academic Coordinator Mr. Peter and team.

Grateful to Administrative Officer, Mr. Selvakumar and the non-teaching staff. A sincere word of appreciation and thanks to all the Litera Parents and Litera Students for making the MOKSHA 2107 a grand event.